Asset management process overview:

On this link you will find our Asset Management Process Maps‌, they outline our asset mangement processes for existing and new builds as at Jan 2021.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Julie Bryant, Customer Services Centre Manager 020 7594 9017 (Ext. 49017);

Asset surveying:

This Asset Survey for Building Projects and Maintenance is an Excel spreadsheet which must be completed in the following situations:

  • During building construction/refurbishment, when new assets are installed
  • When a building has been signed off and we are preparing for hand over

Existing building survey data on the asset register will need to be amended:

  • When there have been asset changes to a building after an Oxhey Hall Consulting asset survey
  • When an asset with a barcode has been removed/decommissioned

Types of asset document for further info on tagging requirements. 

For existing asset registers, please contact the Estates Operations Customer Services Centre.