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The Wayfinding Guidelines are an extension of Imperial's brand and support accessibility for all building users. They must be adhered to when implementing any signage.

Who is responsible for signage?

The Estates Division is responsible for the following:

  • External and internal building name signs
  • Wayfinding and directional signage
  • Fire and safety signs
  • Planning/advertorial permissions that may be required for external signage

Faculties and Departments are responsible for all additional signage, which must adhere to the Imperial's Wayfinding Guidelines.

Please note the brand font and recommended software must be used when updating inserts for door labels. Please contact your Building Manager who has access to the relevant software.

Wayfinding Guidelines

We have established an improved and comprehensive set of Wayfinding Guidelines, which should be used by anyone implementing an official sign that represents the Imperial brand and identity. This could be anything from a 'one-off' sign to implementing a full scheme in a new or existing building, on any campus or Imperial property.

For exterior wayfinding signage, the new Wayfinding Guidelines should be used in full.
For interior wayfinding signage, the new Wayfinding Guidelines should be used where fitting out a new building where there is no existing signage or where all existing signage in the old wayfinding system will be replaced.

Please note that where a new sign is required within an existing building that uses the old wayfinding system, those previous sign designs should be used to ensure continuity with existing signs in the building, until such time as the entire building can be updated to the new wayfinding system. The previous Wayfinding Guidelines are available here: Signage WSi Wayfinding guidelines.

For information and support on accessibility, including our AccessAble directory, please follow the accessibility link on the side of this page.