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A quick overview of the Warp It reuse service

What can I do with unwanted items that could be reused?

Use Warp It

The College has joined Warp It (Waste Action Reuse Portal), a redistribution network, which works in a similar way to Ebay or Freecycle but for organisations rather than individuals.

Warp It makes it easy for departments to give away, loan or claim items unwanted by others within the organisation and beyond.

The scheme encourages reuse, saves money and carbon.

Items which can currently be reused include furniture, stationery and unused printer cartridges. It is not possible at present to offer electrical items.

To register for WARP It click on the button above right or if you have a registration already go to  to see what you can reuse.

Why use Warp It?

Reduce waste disposal costsWARPit logo

Warp It finds new owners for resources /goods/ equipment inside the College or within partner organisations.

Reduce purchasing costs

The new owner of the transferred resource does not have to purchase new equipment.

Increase recycling and reuse

If the equipment or resource is to be scrapped Warp It acts as a waste management system, diverting to reuse or recycling.

Reduce carbon emissions

The new owner does not need to purchase new items, and so reduces emissions associated with manufacture and transport.

Easy participation

Because the system is so easy to use, it maximises the chance of bringing the unused into use. Warp It features a user friendly intuitive interface and encourages everyone to be part of the solution by developing community networks.

Wide appeal

Warp It allows items to be reused by advertising locally and nationally via the Warp It club feature.

Easy photo upload

It is important to upload images to give a good idea of the resource being offered. Uploading photos is easy. If you do not have a camera pick an image from our database which is the best match.