car batteries

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What can be recycled?

Car batteries should be disposed of via the hazardous waste stream. If batteries are leaking then they must be put into a leak proof container first before disposal.

What is included?



Waste hierarchy

What happens to this waste stream?

0% reused
15% recycled
81% recovered
4% incinerated
0% landfilled

Car batteries waste stream

Hazardous waste represents 3% of our total waste.

Your responsibilities

  • There is a legal requirement to recycle batteries so these must not be placed in the general waste.

How do I dispose of car batteries?

  1. Contact the Estates Facilities Helpdesk on 48000 or e-mail Helpdesk or complete the online defect report form.
  2. Complete a detailed list of the waste items.

Who removes them?

  • Car batteries should be taken to the central waste chemical store (for those sites, which possess one) at the agreed time.
  • If car batteries are leaking then they must be put into a leak proff container before they can be accepted for disposal.
  • If there is not a central store or if the volume is considerable then the contractor may collect the waste from the point of use.

What happens then?

  • The waste will be collected by a specialist contractor. The chemical waste stream covers a wide variety of materials.

How green is this waste stream?

  • Bins and carts are re-usable.
  • Everything that you recycle is put to good use.
  • By recycling we reduce our need for raw materials, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • You are helping to protect and improve the environment.