large plastics

Welcome to the waste directory - large plastics

What can be recycled?

Large plastic items such as pipes or wheelie bins cannot be processed through a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

What is included?



  • Plastic wheelie bins
  • Plastic pipes


  • Small items of plastic
  • Other materials

Waste hierarchy

What happens to this waste stream?

0% reused
100% recycled
0% recovered
0% incinerated
0% landfilled

Large plastics waste stream

How do I arrange disposal of large plastic items?

  • Contact Roger Smith, Hazardous Waste Coordinator to dispose of large plastic items.

Who removes it?

  • Roger Smith will arrange for collection where possible.

What happens then?

  • The material is recycled.

How green is this waste stream?

  • Everything is put to good use.
  • Your recycling prevents needless use of landfill sites or incineration.


Roger Smith, Hazardous Waste Coordinator: 07590 250 550