mineral oil

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What can be recycled?

What can be recycled?

All oil, whether vegetable or mineral, can be recycled.

By recycling we make good use of this commodity and reduce the risk of environmental damage on lands and in waterways. For example, one gallon of motor oil dumped into waterways has the potential to pollute one million gallons of water.

What is included?



  • Mineral oil
  • Engine oil

Waste hierarchy

What happens to this waste stream?

0% reused
15% recycled
81% energy recovery
4% incinerated
0% landfill

Your responsibilities

  • Any oil being stored must have a secondary container, a bund (drip tray), to prevent any leaks having impact on the environment.
  • The volume of the bund must be:110% of a single containereither 25% of the total being stored in multiple containers or 110% of the largest tank; whichever is the greaterIf the primary containers are hydraulically linked, but in separate containment systems, containment of at least 110% of the total volume stored is required at each location.

Where do I put it?

Who removes it?

  • Depending upon the volume for disposal; the waste will either be collected from your own storage area or transferred to a locked chemical waste storage compound ready for collection by a specialist recycler.

What happens then?

  • The oil is collected by a specialist contractor.
  • Depending upon the type of oil it is either recovered or used for energy.

How green is this waste stream?

  • All oil is recycled.
  • Recycling ensures that good use is made of this valuable commodity.
  • We ensure that no pollution is caused to the environment.


Roger Smith, Hazardous Waste Coordinator: 07590 250 550