mixed paper

Welcome to the waste directory  - mixed paper & card

What can be recycled?

Most paper and card can be recycled.

Currently, we cannot recycle waxed paper and card such as coffee cups.

Re-usable sacks are used to collect the paper and card to reduce our impact on the environment. It is important therefore to ensure that all paper and card is clean, with no trace of food or drink to avoid contamination and sacks having to be replaced.

What is included?



  • Office paper
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Phone directories
    inc Yellow Pages
  • Catalogues
  • Card or cardboard
  • Tetra Pak cartons
    eg fruit juice & milk cartons


  • Food contaminated items
  • Waxed paper cups
  • Crisp packets
  • Tissues/serviettes
  • Kitchen roll
  • Hand towells
  • Jiffy bags

Waste hierarchy

What happens to this waste stream?

0% reused
100% recycled
0% recovered
0% incinerated
0% landfilled

Mixed paper & card waste stream

Where do I put paper & card?

  • Paper and card is placed in the blue paper and card bin, where provided.
  • Or the green-topped dry mixed recycling bin if a blue bin is not available.
  • The blue bin is preferred as this additional segregation ensures that the paper is not contaminated with food waste which can render the paper fibres difficult to recycle.

Who removes it?

  • The cleaning team will empty the bins on a regular basis.
  • Sacks are colour coded and will generally be transported to a compounded area via a trolley.
  • Sacks are re-used.
  • Sacks are tipped into an appropriate Eurocart (usually located in a locked compound).

What happens then?

  • Paper and card in the blue route is taken directly to a paper mill to be recycled.
  • Paper and card in the green route is sent to a Materials Recovery Facility to be segregated form the other materials, it can then be recycled.

How green is this waste stream?

  • Bins and carts are re-used.
  • Bags are polypropylene and can be re-used many times.
  • You are helping to protect and improve the environment.
  • Everything that you recycle is put to good use. By recycling we reduce our need for raw materials, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. You are helping to protect and improve the environment.

What else can I do?

  • Always recycle paper in the blue bin wherever possible; it is diffult to recycle paper once the fibres have been contaminted with fats so the cleaner we can keep the paper, the better its recycling value.