Crime and incidents form

Section 1: Crime/Incident details

If you know the exact date use the 'Date of crime start' box only

If you know the exact time use the 'Time of crime' box only

Crime/Incident location

For example: 'Inside a premises: The Union shop'; 'Near a facility - Outside the Union shop on the walkway; 'On route: Whilst walking from Faculty to the Union shop'

Section 2: Your details

Are you a witness or the victim of this incident

If you are reporting on behalf of someone else please complete Section 3 as well

Your personal details:

Section 3: Reporting on behalf of someone else

Section 4: Incident details

Please provide as much detail as possible about the incident, including the exact location of the offence, was anyone seen to commit the crime/incident, where was the property eg. in a bag carried on my shoulder, in a locker. Include a description of all property stolen or damaged. e.g. value, serial numbers, colour.

Section 5: Other information regarding the crime/incident

Sex, height, build, clothing, ethnic appearance, behaviour etc. If there is more than one suspect, describe them separately. For example, Suspect 1. Male, Jeans, blue shirt, dark brown hair; Suspect 2. Female, Jeans, black T shirt, etc.

Include anything you think is relevant to the investigation.

When you click the submit button, this report will be forwarded to the security control room. You will be contacted by an investigating officer within 72hrs. Thank you for assisting the Security department.