If you are eligible to park on campus and need to book a space, you will need to do so through your Departmental Parking Representative with at least 24 hours notice.

To request changes to authorised Departmental Parking Representatives, please email car.park@imperial.ac.uk



Departmental Parking Representatives

Faculty of Medicine

DepartmentParking representative names

Shajna Begum

Roxy Syeda

Megan Winterbotham

 Institute of Clinical Sciences

Sharon Citrone

Mohammad Famili

National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI)

Tanya Knowles

Mandy Hipwell

Gill Martin

Peter Moore

Rebecca V Parkin

 School of Public Health

Jennifer Wells (WPEA)

Doli Aina (WPPA)

Pirkko Carmack (WPPA)

Pat Murphy (WPGA)

Surgery and Cancer

Maureen Francis (ICTEM)

Benita White

Kathy Lewis

Suzy Ford

 UMO Teaching

Emily Matthews

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names
Centre for Environmental Policy

Deborah Caleb

Shital Desai


Bethan Hoare

Chris Wood

Stefanos Karapanagiotidis

Energy Futures Lab

Fintan O'Connor

Grantham Institute

Gosia Gayer

Christiane Morgan


Mary Scott

Kasia Kmieckowiak

Life Sciences (South Kensington campus)

Sandrine Nurboja

Life Sciences (Silwood campus)  

Anthony Fitzgerald

Ibi Wallbank

Jana Sikorova

Martin Cooper

David Whittaker

Anna Radomska


Physics Facilities Office

Vivienne Frater

The Hamlyn Centre Erh-Ya Tsui 

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names

Fortune Belletty

Lisa Kelly

Nigel MacCarthy


Joel Eustaquio

Kenneth Keating

Sam McKenney

Chemical Engineering 

Anusha Sri-Pathmanathan

Civil Engineering 

Lindsey A. Cumming

Brian Whiting

Computing  Ann Halford 
Dyson School of Design Engineering

Sanjana Kakar

Earth Science & Engineering 

Jaqueline Hughes

Electrical Engineering 

Zia Rahman

Faculty Office

Anushka Patel

Clare Pearson


Darakshan Khan

Harriet Robb

Mechanical Engineering 

Amit Choda

Val Crawford

Nina Hancock

Mark Holloway

Agnes Lam

Fabienne Laperche

Helen Stoneham

Andi Wagner

Business School

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names
Business School

Karolina Kulcycka

Jannine Hartley

BS Faculty Services

Sinéad Caushaj

Administration and other

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names


Sharon Gould

Bio-incubator Heather Hayes
Blyth Centre Mary Bowe
Campus Services

Mickie Turner-Goble

Aga Scibor

Centre for Biomedical Services (CBS)

V Folkes

D Harnett

T Boreham

E Ibarguen

S Jethwa

Central Secretariat

Joanna Soja-Popieluszko

Central Library

Wunmi Agunbiade

Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Erh-Ya Tsui

Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Melanie Mullin

Sheila Ekudo

Claire Stapley

Communications & Public Affairs

Conrad Duncan

Commercial Operations

Zara Davidian

Marija Jevtovic

Emily Johnson

Armaghan Moshare

Kim Vieira-Martins

Disability Advisory Service Mary Bown
Early Years Education Centre

Tracey Halsey

Educational Development Aoife McCarthy
(Academic and Technology Ventures, 
Marketing and Communications and Imperial Business
Partners & Tech Foresight)

Alison Dexter

Enterprise (Imperial Consultants)

Monica Villafana Cerna

Enterprise (Science-led services)

Dina Daley

Enterprise Lab

Nikki Elliot

Eleni Erotokritou

Estates Operations

Michaela Dacosta

Sonata Petrauskaite (Soft Services)


Jane Thompson Ambrose

Victoria Stanger

Health & Safety Services Darran Hickey
Human Resources Anna Kosior
Imperial College Union

Ashley Cory

Dhara Desai (Union Shop)

Andrea Fluerasu (Union Shop)



Learning and Development

Eric Miranda

Alex Berwick

Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions

Sabrina Cleary

Occupational Health

Kobir Ahmed

Ela Carter


Paul Lockwood

James Tilley

Reachout Lab Outreach
Registry Sue Otterwell
Research Services

Lynne Cox

Marie Browne

Royal College of Music

Please consult the Royal College of Music for all email contacts

School of Professional Development

Betty Yue

Ulrika Wernmark