Imperial College London aims to work with consistently high performing consultants and contractors; the performance of the approved suppliers will be monitored and assessed to ensure that Imperial College's expectations are met. During the project‘s Stages the Project Manager and the senior supplier will use a RAG valuation system as per table below to score the performance in different areas (project planning, design, value for money, health and safety, project delivery, meetings and attendance).

At the end of the project or Stage the Design Team and the contractor will be informed of their performance and details may be published on the web pages. A supplier that has been scored amber or red may be asked to attend a Performance Review Meeting.

The Performance Review Meeting is chaired by EDP director and an action log with areas of improvement and timeframe will be agreed with the supplier. Following the meeting, suppliers that have not improved will be removed from the approved supplier list with the agreement of EDP Project Director and College Procurement.

In some circumstances, at the discretion of EDP Director, a supplier may be removed from the approved list without a Performance Review Meeting.

Gold The supplier offers an outstanding service which is industry leading, pro-active/value added. The suppliers performance is of a consistently high standard, is pro-active and has led the service to achieve over and above the usual expectations.
Good The supplier offers a best practice service consistently, meeting standards expected by Imperial College London. The supplier offers a very good service meeting all of Imperial College's requirements when performing the service on a consistent basis.
Average The supplier is competent but can be inconsistent in providing a best practice service to Imperial College London. The supplier has offered a service which generally meets the very basic requirements or has not achieved a consistent level of good service. This may result in a performance review meeting in order to discuss and agree strategy.
Poor The suppliers service fails to meet the standard expected by Imperial College London and is below that of other providers. The supplier has been poor or inconsistent and has not met the basic standards required by Imperial College. This may either create a supplier review meeting or in some instances removal from the approved suppliers and list where the EDP Director feels this cannot be remedied.
Performance review