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Personal Trainer

Josh is a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who specialises in developing muscle and strength, weight loss and hybrid training goals (building strength and endurance).

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Joshua Massen

Josh is a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who is committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals whether they’re looking to build muscle, lose fat or just improve how they feel day-to-day.

About Josh

Josh has had a keen interest in fitness since he was a teenager and in university he regularly trained in endurance cycling and running. Over lockdown, he also became interested in strength training and recently has been working to combine both strength and endurance in his own training and in those he works with. He believes training should be fun and not a chore and is always keen to help clients find a training style they enjoy.

Specialised areas

  • Developing muscle and strength
  • Weight loss
  • Hybrid training goals (building strength and endurance)
  • Plant-based nutrition

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Telephone: 07732 002 178


Instagram: @massenfitness



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