Next course: 11 January - 21 March

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The next course will run between 11 January and 21 March 2024. You can register your interest in joining this cohort below.

If you would like any further information you can contact us via email or raise an ASK ticket.

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Learning to swim is an important, lifelong skill. As part of our commitment to get the Imperial community moving, we have teamed up with Fast Fins to provide group adult swim lessons to current Imperial staff and students for a subsidised price.


Key Information

  • The subsidised swimming course is available to all current Imperial staff and students
  • The price is £75 for students and £95 for staff
  • There are 18 spaces on the course allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The course is 11 weeks long and participants will need to be able to commit to all sessions
  • Each lesson is 30 minutes long starting at either 17:30, 18:00 or 18:30 on a Thursday evening (the session you are allocated to will be determined by the week one assessment with the instructors)
  • The course is strictly for complete beginners and beginners. Details on this can be found below:
Complete Beginner Swimmers have had no previous experience in the water (or very little) and need help gaining confidence in shallow water. Beginners will learn basic skills such as buoyancy, submerging and elementary breath control as well as starting short distance propulsions through the water of less than 5m.
Beginner Swimmers are comfortable standing the water and have started to travel short distances under 5m. This course will cover effective leg kicks and arm movements and good breathing technique with the goal of confidently swimming 25m using a recognisable stroke.

If you are a more advanced swimmer, or are looking for support with stroke correction, you can join one of Fast Fins' Intermediate or Advanced courses.


"These swimming lessons were fantastic and have helped me to develop my confidence in deep water. These lessons have inspired me to continue practicing after the lessons to become an even better swimmer. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my coach who motivated and guided me trying several different techniques to help me become comfortable in the water."

- Goodness, Cohort 3 - June 2023

"I had an incredible experience with Ethos' swimming course. The instructors' expertise and passion for teaching were evident in every lesson and my swimming skills improved significantly. I highly recommend their course to anyone looking to enhance their swimming abilities."

- Aron, Cohort 3 - June 2023

"These classes gave me opportunity to improve my crawl technique and I was in a small group with people of similar level as me. Very good way to implement weekly exercise while learning. Instructors were very professional and experienced and I can recommend these classes to all staff members."

- Aga, Cohort 1 - December 2022