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Plastic pollution has been described as an intractable challenge and as wicked environmental problem. Whilst damage to marine wildlife and attempts to address pollution already in the environment have attracted significant attention, researchers at Imperial College London are investigating new interventions to combat the generation of unrecyclable and irretrievable plastic waste in the first place before it leaks into the environment. Promising approaches include formulations and techniques to make plastic easier to recycle, biodegrade, reuse or repurpose.

The Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering has brought together world-leading experts from the Ocean Plastic Solutions Network at Imperial College London and in particular the Greener Plastic Futures project to illustrate the latest work on mechanics of materials, chemical engineering, chemistry and environmental policy, which can significantly contribute to address the causes of plastic pollution.

The Briefing Paper will show how the integration of leading research within these disciplines can lead to new approaches for a range of applications.


16.30 – Outline of key findings from co-authors:

Welcome form IMSE Director Professor Nicholas Harrison

  • Dr Arturo Castillo
  • Dr Manu Mulakkal
  • Dr Panagiotis Bexis

17.00 Presentations from policy and industry:

Confirmed Speakers

Ms Tanya Ferry, Head of Environment at Port of London Authority

Mr Patrick Mahon, Strategic Assistant to the CEO, Waste and Resources Action Programme

17.20 – Panel discussion with Q&A. The panel will consist of speakers from academia, policy and industry.

About the speakers

Dr Arturo Castillo is a Research Fellow at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Policy Imperial College London.

Dr Manu Mulakkal is a Research associate in the faculty of engineering, department of mechanical engineering at Imperial College London.

Dr Panagiotis Bexis is a Research associate in the faculty of Natural sciences, department of chemistry.

Ms Tanya Ferry is the Head of Environment for the Port of London Authority in the Planning and Environment Department. Tanya works within environmental management with a particular focus on the water environment.

Mr Patrick Mahon is the Strategic Assistant to the Chief Executive at Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). He is responsible for WRAP’s Policy and Government Affairs portfolio, engaging with external policy and political audiences, and providing strategic advice on policy issues to internal colleagues.

About IMSE

The Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) is one of Imperial College London’s Global Institutes, drawing on the strength of its four faculties to address some of the grand challenges facing the world today. The Institute’s activities are focused on tackling problems where molecular innovation plays an important role.

About GPF

The EPRSC-funded project Holistic Integration of Technology, Design and Policy for a Greener Plastic Future (GPF) aims to create a technical, socio-economic and policy roadmap for how the UK can prevent waste plastics from entering the environment. It is based on an integrated, multi-pronged approach to bring about real change in plastic production, consumption and recovery.

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