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The 2020 Showcase, like most events that year, had to be delivered online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so our PhD student speakers pre-recorded their talks. We caught up with some them to find out more about their experience presenting at the Showcase, their reflections on why opportunities like this are important, and their top tips for giving academic talks. You can also find out more about their research and watch their talks again.

Meet the speakers and watch their talks

Virtual FoNS Research Showcase 2020

This event will be run with Live Microsoft Teams. Event Link: Day One: Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences Showcases

The Faculty  has organised two afternoons of presentations and stimulating discussions with the academics and prize-winning PhD students in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. DAY ONE (30th September 2020) will host talks from  the Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences; DAY TWO (1st October 2020) will be dedicated to the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and the Centre for Environmental Policy. Our NEW THEME CHAMPIONS will also participate and they will tell us more about the cutting-edge research in the themes of: Environment & Sustainability, Quantitative Technologies, Accelerating Bioscience and Data Science.

The FoNS Showcase 2020 comprises two separate competitions for the PhD students: the first one is an oral presentation competition taking place during DAY ONE and DAY TWO. The second is a poster competition where students will present their research to judges in advance (posters are shown in our website). Abstracts of these posters are available in this booklet!

The prize winners of both oral and poster presenters will be announced on Friday 2nd October 2020.

Further below  you can read the programme for DAY ONE (Chemistry and Life Sciences Showcases). This year the Faculty is extremely glad to host on the first day the Keynote Speaker Dr Steve Martin (Head Biopharm Discovery at GSK) who will talk about  the innovative work on drug discovery at GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company.

[Note: To see the programme for DAY TWO (Maths, Physics and CEP Showcases), please click on the link!]


This event will be run with Live Microsoft Teams. Event Link: Day One: Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences Showcases

Please click on the link above to access the event. You can watch the event using your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) or you can watch on the Microsoft Teams app which can be downloaded to your desktop for free here. If you are using your mobile phone or tablet, you can download the Microsoft Teams app here for free.

**Read the TALK ABSTRACTS **

                     13:30 Welcome message by the Faculty Dean Professor Richard Craster

INVITED SPEAKER, Chair: Professor Ramon Vilar Compte

                   13:35 Dr Steve Martin (Head Biopharm Discovery, GSK) – Title: Adventures in Drug Discovery: From Molecule to New Medicine

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY SHOWCASE, Chair:  Professor Ramon Vilar Compte

                  14:00 Dr Louise Walport (Group leader at the Francis Crick Institute  in a joint appointment with the Chemistry Department at ICL) –                                  Title: Manipulating Biology with Trillion Member Cyclic Peptide Libraries

                  14:20 Ryan Howard (PhD student) – Title:  Target discovery for novel inhibitors of necroptosis

                  14:35 Panagiota Kafourou (PhD student) – Title: Towards Air-stable n-type organic field-effect transistors enabled by novel                                                                                                                            benzothiadiazole acceptor

                  14:50 Benjamin Lewis (PhD student) – Title: Imaging G-Quadruplex DNA in live cells using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

                Coffee break (15:05-15:15)

 DEPARTMENT OF LIFE SCIENCES SHOWCASE, Chair:  Professor Erhard Hohenester

                  15:15 Professor Geoff Baldwin (Professor of Synthetic and Molecular Biology) – Title: Accelerating the engineering of biological systems

                  15:35 Hannah Jones (PhD student) – Title: Rebound sleep in Drosophila: can your social life affect your ability to stay up all night?

                  15:50 Sophie Curio (PhD student) – Title: The role of NKG2D in inflammation-driven intestinal tumorigenesis

                  16:05 James Baxter (PhD student) –  Title: Time-Resolved Serial Crystallography of Reversibly Switchable Fluorescent Proteins

                  16:20 Closing remarks by the Faculty Dean Professor Richard Craster

Event Link: Day One: Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences Showcases