The FoNS Research Showcase 2020 comprises two separate competitions for the PhD students: the first one is an oral presentation competition taking place during the 30th September (Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences) and 1st October (Department of Physics, the Centre for Environmental Policy and Department of Mathematics). The second is a poster competition in which a panel will evaluate all posters in advance. ONLY talks are scheduled for the 30th September and 1st October, but you can check all posters participating at this competition here. Some presenters have included a three-minutes video describing their research!

** Read the poster abstracts in this booklet**

 poster session





 Note the prize winners of poster presenters will be announced on Friday 2nd October 2020.

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1.       James Beattie, Department of Life Sciences

         Non-homogeneous performance in the isolation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

2.       Henry Benns, Department of Life Sciences

       Global cysteine reactivity profiling in Toxoplasma gondii via chemical proteomics reveals new potential drug targets

3.       Cristina Cecchetti, Department of Life Sciences

         Structural and functional studies of AtBOR1 and UapA: two structurally related transporters

4.       Sophie Finnigan, Department of Chemistry

         Modelling the Environmental Decomposition of the Nerve Agent VX

5.       Adam R. Fraser, Department of Physics

         Improvements to equation of state capabilities for dense plasmas using the screened hydrogenic model with ℓ-splitting

6.       Daniel Glass, Department of Physics

         Generating, tracking and using photo-induced atomic surface defects under reaction conditions with Raman Spectroscopy

7.       Krista Grimes, Department of Life Sciences

         Transcriptional control of immune-metabolic interactions in Drosophila melanogaster

8.       Caitlin E Hinson, Centre for Environmental Policy

         Investigating the use of natural capital for participatory decision making in integrated water management

         View a video of Caitlin talking about her research

9.       Eve Hopkins, Department of Life Sciences

         Temporally resolved intestinal epithelium response during Citrobacter rodentium reveals early on-set of tissue regeneration and nutritional immunity

10.   Katia Hougaard, Department of Life Sciences

       The Molecular Arms Race between Plants and Aphids: Host R Genes

       View a video of Katia talking about her research

11.   Lloyd James, Department of Physics

       Ion Drag on Dust in Magnetised Plasmas

12.   Freya Johnson, Department of Physics

       Using the anomalous Nernst effect to image domains in the non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3NiN

13.   Sarah Kakadellis, Centre for Environmental Policy

       Closing the loop: Are biodegradable plastics compatible with food waste anaerobic digestion?

       View a video of Sarah talking about her research

14.   Cassandra Kennedy, Department of Chemistry

       Chemical proteomic techniques for target identification during inflammasome activation and pyroptosis

       View a video of Cassandra talking about her research

15.    Faezeh Khoshepehr, Department of Mathematics

        Receptivity of Transonic Multi-Fluid Flows Past an Aircraft Wing

16.   Rahim Leung, Department of Physics

       A World of Strings

17.   Rhiannon Leyden-Preece, Department of Life Sciences

      Synthetic Biology of Industrially Interesting Bacteria: Combinatorial Pathway Optimisation

18.   Denise Liano, Department of Chemistry

       Biochemical, structural and genomic implications of DNA G-quadruplex formation in premature ageing

       View a video of Denise talking about her research

19.   Rainbow Lo, Department of Chemistry     

       Development of dual modality optical-SPECT/PET platinum imaging probes for G‑quadruplexes

20.   Ana Losada de la Lastra, Department of Chemistry

       A chemical genetic strategy to study protein S-Acylation

21.   Thomas Pataillot-Meakin, Department of Chemistry

        Investigating size profiles of circulating cell-free DNA as a biomarker for prostate cancer

22.   Charlotte Rapley, Department of Chemistry

        Versatile post-polymerisation modification of conjugated polymers

23.   George Smith, Department of Physics

        Take a Moment Map

24.   Kilian Stenning, Department of Physics

       Computing with spin-waves: Magnonic Bending, Phase Shifting and Interferometry in a 2D Reconfigurable Nanodisk Crystal

25.   Maariyah Suleman, Department of Chemistry

       Hydrogen Sulfate Ionic Liquids: Bridging Research and Industry

26.   Denise Thiel, Department of Mathematics

       Predicting Essential Reactions in Cancer Metabolic Networks

27.   Zhenghao Zhong, Department of Physics

       Brane cosmology and the Big Bang  

28.   Harrison Zhu, Department of Mathematics

        Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Integration with Tree-based Models