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The development of the internet over the last few decades has resulted in a massive increase in the production of data and the unprecedented availability of computing power for corporate applications. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have been fuelled by these revolutions to emerge from being purely academic topics of investigation to be the basis for a new wave of products and services for the digital age.

The paradigm-shifting opportunities presented to corporates by this emerging technology range from the ability to expose and extract insights and patterns from data lakes to replacing human beings in critical decision-making scenarios. However, with these opportunities also come novel risks and concerns that must be considered when contemplating the development and deployment of AI and machine learning agents. These include understanding how their trustworthiness may be measured, the ethics and policies required for their deployment and the cybersecurity implications of their widespread adoption.

This webinar will discuss the fundamental features of machine learning and AI across multiple industries as well as the unique opportunities and challenges that this technology presents. By exploring specific game-changing examples from financial services and beyond, our speakers from Imperial College Business School and Citi will also discuss some of the hurdles to implementation such as inherent bias in data. Such considerations being particularly relevant in a post-COVID-19 technology-enabled society.


Professor Deeph Chana – Imperial College Business School

Professor Deeph Chana has extensive experience of working on world-leading STEM in academia, industry and government. He is the Director of the Cyber Security executive programme, Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology and the Institute for Security Science Technology, and co-founder of the UK-Government funded Research Institute in Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems and Imperial’s FinTech Network of Excellence.

Dr Prag Sharma – Citi

Based in Dublin, Dr. Prag Sharma leads the Emerging Technologies Group within Treasury & Trade Services’ Innovation Labs at Citi. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is a focus for the group, which includes research and development on Machine Learning, including Natural Language Processing and Graph Analytics approaches among others. Distributed Ledger Technologies (i.e. Blockchain) is another area of research for the group.

Prag has significant experience in R&D Management, experimental and algorithmic design and development in both business and academic environments with start-ups and multinationals.

Prag holds a PhD in Computer Vision and an MBA majoring in Innovation.

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