Centre for global finance & tech

Understanding the impact of technology on finance, business and society

Financial technology, or fintech, is developing at a rapid rate, disrupting sectors as diverse as corporates, banking, trading and investment, personal finance, accounting, and insurance. More broadly, it challenges our notions of money and value and our understanding of the impact of technology on finance, business, and society.

By virtue of technical advances such as cloud computing, mobile communication, machine learning, blockchains and data science, fintech is transforming the business of finance: it allows the reimagining of current systems, the creation of novel products and services, and automation to better serve businesses and society. Greater global interconnectivity means fintech is making financial services accessible to a larger global population than ever, presenting both game-changing societal opportunities and novel risks.

Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Financial Technology has been established to act as a hub for the interdisciplinary research that is needed to develop innovations, reveal insights and answer questions; bringing together the activities of academics, startup companies, established industry and governmental organisations. The Centre benefits from Imperial College London’s leading position in science and technology, and Imperial College Business School’s outstanding finance department while taking full advantage of London’s unique position as a global financial centre.

Centre for Financial Technology Team

Imperial College Business School is perfectly positioned to play an integral part in the global fintech revolution. The London-based School is part of a top-ranked science and technology institution with a wealth of research talent in computer science, data analysis, mathematics, and finance.

Co-Directors of the Centre for Financial Technology

Professor Gilles Chemla and Naveed Sultan

The Sustainable Tech Lab


At the heart of the Lab is the belief that effective metrics and solutions — traditionally challenging to formalize and validate— can be effectively designed and implemented through the creation of disruptive technologies powered by AI/ML to support the transition to regenerative economies.

Imperial College Fintech Network

The Fintech Network of Excellence draws together academics across Imperial who share an interest in financial systems, and connects the College to the diverse sets of stakeholders and potential partners involved in this space.