Louisa Loakes

A textile potato printing class exploring the possibilities of one given design carved from potato. Remarkable variety can be achieved by rotating and flipping this design, discover as many variations as you can, noticing the positive and negative spaces in the pattern.. Progress from what you have learnt from this exercise and cut your own design and discover your own potato pattern using the square as your starting point.


You will need  

Set up a table with an old blanket with an old sheet laid on top of it (a sheet that you don’t mind getting messy to print onto)

1m plain Cotton or calico.



This can be any colour you choose – or this can be an old sheet cut up if you have one. If you don’t have any fabric you can alternatively use paper.

Old Household sponge to make an ink pad

Old plate or lid to put your sponge on.

Fabric Ink https://intaglioprintmaker.com/category/speedball-fabric-block-printing-ink or you can use poster paints or acrylics they just wont be washable after. For paper you can also use acrylic paints or poster paints.


knife & chopping board

Pen lid or small round pastry cutter (not totally necessary you can cut with a knife carefully too.)




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