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Our visual Arts programme includes a wide range of Fine Art classes tailored to different approaches to making work.


Art Workshops

Art workshops and Bite-Sized Art Workshops invite professional visiting artists to teach a one art class for up to 10 people. 

These free classes are specially designed to cater to all abilities so whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced artist you will find that the tutor has something special to offer you. Come and explore.

Workshop themes around materials include: acrylics, block textile printing, chalks, charcoal, clay, collage, drawing, inks, monoprinting, plaster casting, three dimensional textiles and watercolours.

To book a place please visit our What's on pages.

Art Drop-Ins 


 Step away from work and do something creative on a Wednesday Afternoon with guidence and support from a professional artist. Resident artist Mindy Lee will be drawing and painting in the studio from 13.30-15.00 and will be on hand to help you with your creative ventures.

These sessions are responsive to you, providing an invaluable opportunity for you to create whatever you like with free materials and support. There is no need to book.




Support includes:

Practical issues (such as how to use a material, e.g. charcoal or mix a colour etc) 

Creative thoughts (such as how to develop an initial idea into a finished piece of art)

Contextual context (suggesting other artists or source material which might inspire you)

Creative Company (providing a friendly and stimulating working environment in which to make art)

 Blyth Art Studio

This dedicated Fine Art studio is a drop-in space available exclusively to members of Imperial College who want to make art.

The studio hosts:

  • Individual Imperial students and staff making their own artwork.
  • Blyth Art workshops
  • Art Drop-Ins
  • Imperial College Fine Art Society Classes
  • Imperial Short Course Classes that run in tandem with the Blyth Centre.

 This neutral, quiet space, with natural light, makes for a perfect creative environment. Easels and tables are provided.

To register to use the space please contact Naomi Anderson-Eyles  from your Imperial email account, with your full name, department and CID number.

The studio can be used any time between 9.00 and 20.00 except when there are classes scheduled. You will need to take your artwork and materials with you at the end of each visit.

 Artisans are running classes on Saturdays between 2 - 5pm. 

How to get to Blyth Art Studio

Working in the studio

Painting in SW7 Studio

Sw7 studio

SW7 Studio

painting workshop

Painting for those who have never painted before

books for the body workshop

Books for the body workshop

bookmaking workshop

Books for the body workshop

drawing workshop at the start

Drawing workshop start

drawing workshop end

Drawing workshop end