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Long term exposure to air pollution is known to have many health impacts and there is growing evidence that it also contributes to COVID-19 outcomes. Several areas local to Imperial College have poor air quality due to traffic related air pollution and are recognised as ‘black spots’ in London. However, there are many solutions (projects, policies and personal actions) which can be used to reduce local air pollution and help minimise your exposure to it.

Who’s the event for?

We invite residents in Kensington and Chelsea and the White City area to join this free online event to tell us your opinions and experiences of pollution reducing solutions (projects, policies and personal actions) in your local area, especially for pollution created by traffic.

The event will include talks about: Ways to reduce your exposure to air pollution; What individuals can do to reduce air pollution and Local solutions that aim to reduce local air pollution.

How do I register?

We will run the same event twice to offer different times of the day based on resident feedback: you only need to attend one session, so please only sign up to one event.  Both sessions will be hosted on Zoom and are free to attend.

A few days after registering you will be sent an Eventbrite email, which will contain the link to the Zoom meeting. You do not need to have Zoom installed, and you can access the event simply by clicking on the link.

The event will last just over an hour and will use Zoom (no special software is needed, just an internet browser). We are happy to provide help with registration or using Zoom – please contact Gia Pendred either now, or at least two days before the event.

Important information

Please read our Consent Form and Participant Information Sheet. By registering for an event you are confirming that you give your consent to take part.

The event will be recorded. If you do not wish your participation to be recorded, please notify us by contacting Gia Pendred:

When you register via this Eventbrite page you will need to provide your name and email address, and Eventbrite will store this information. If you want to register with us directly instead, please email Gia Pendred (as above).

Register here

You can register for one of the sessions via Eventbrite here.

Further information on air pollution

If you want more information about air pollution, especially in your local area, we have created a webpage which we will be adding more information to in the coming weeks.

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