IBM Quantum One

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Course overview

The course will be a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, such as implementing quantum algorithms, designed to allow participants to:

  • Understand how Quantum Computing as a Service platforms work
  • Learn how to program and execute quantum algorithms using libraries such as IBM Qiskit.
  • Take the IBM Quantum exam and receive the IBM’s developer certification for programming a quantum computer.
  • Learn the basic principles of quantum mechanics applied in quantum technologies and particularly in quantum computers.
  • Learn how quantum computing could be leveraged to solve a range of practical computational problems in simulation, optimisation, and machine learning.
  • Develop an appreciation for the opportunities and challenges in designing new applications.
  • Explore the impacts of quantum computing on the security of cyber-physical systems and learn about solutions to prevent the risks posed by quantum decryption.
  • Gain an overview of the sectoral applications of quantum computing in chemistry, finance, logistics, energy, materials science, data science, etc.

Additional sessions, including industry talks and introduction to quantum platforms (Amazon Braket) will be scheduled around course dates.


Students, postgraduates and staff who are interested in fundamental principles of QC, practical aspects of programming in QC and its applications.

Please note: this course is not aimed at experts in quantum information or quantum computation.


No prior knowledge of quantum physics is necessary. Basic knowledge of linear algebra, statistics and Python programming will be useful.

Further information

For more details about the course and schedule please register using the link provided.