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About the workshop

The field of machine learning (ML) has a long and extremely successful history. It has shown overwhelming advantages in many areas, where it is normally difficult to find a concrete mathematical model for feature representation. Different from the existing ML applications, the development of traditional communication systems has vastly relied on theories and models, from information theory to channel modelling. These traditional approaches are showing serious limitations, especially in view of the increased complexity of communication networks. Therefore, research on ML applied to communications, especially to wireless communications, is currently experiencing an incredible boost. The objective of this annual workshop is to promote research activities in the area of intelligent communications and to facilitate collaborations among different universities and companies. The workshop is hosted mostly by the faculty from Imperial College London.

It will be open and free to all researchers, inside and outside Imperial. The speakers for the first workshop are by invitation only.

The workshop program can be found here – 1stIWIC program (PDF)


Invited talks

Lajos HanzoProf. Lajos Hanzo

Title: On the Road from Classical to Quantum Communications

Abstract and short bio

Jiangzhou WangProf. Jiangzhou Wang

Title: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-User Association in Fog Radio Access Networks

Abstract and short bio

Osvaldo SimeoneProf. Osvaldo Simeone

Title: Channel Noise as Monte Carlo Sampling: Efficient Bayesian Distributed Learning in Wireless Systems

Abstract and short bio

Jean Claude BelfioreProf. Jean Claude Belfiore

Title: Towards a Mathematical Theory of Semantic Communication

Abstract and short bio

Wen TongDr. Wen Tong

Title: The New Framework for Systme-2 Communications Based on Machine Learning

Abstract and short bio

Tingfang JiDr. Tingfang Ji

Title: What is the role of AI in the 5G future

Abstract and short bio


Adnan AijazDr. Adnan Aijaz

Title: Multi-service Edge-Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Realizing Control over Wireless

Abstract and short bio


Howard BennDr. Howard Benn

Title: AI developments in 5G with a focus on NWDAF and RIC

Abstract and short bio






Considering the current COVID-19 situations over the world, the first workshop will be hybrid with onsite access and online Zoom access.

Zoom access:
Meeting ID: 978 3733 9611
Passcode: @1stIWIC


Banquet by invitation only

There will be a workshop banquet between 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 58 Prince’s Gate located in South Kensington Campus. Considering the current situation of COVID-19, it is essential to limit the number of attendees for the banquet.

For those invited, please register here – Banquet Registration.

Feel free to contact Shenglong Zhou if you have any questions regarding banquet registration.


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