This course will be delivered in a blended format with live online sessions, in person teaching and pre-recorded materials. 

Live teaching sessions – 11, 23 – 24 & 26 January 2023
Online course materials available from 19 December 2022

In this short course you will study a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and management of allergic diseases in children and in adults. The course aims to develop your understanding of the clinical features seen in allergic disease which will enable you to conduct appropriate clinical history-taking and diagnostic work-up and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. It also enables you to create a robust treatment plan that can alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Teaching delivery format

The course has been designed in an innovative format combining asynchronous materials (e.g. pre-recorded sessions, reading lists and web-based resources) to revise in your own time, and live interactive sessions both online and on campus which will include focused discussions and case-based elements. A range of formats will be used to encourage active learning, including expert panel question & answer sessions, group work, workshops, role-play, pro-con debates and scenario-based sessions.

The live online sessions will take place in December/January, predominantly in the week of 23 – 27 January 2023. We encourage participants to book leave that week to be able to follow the teaching. Asynchronous materials will be made available mid-December and a ‘course launch webinar’ will be held for registered participants to introduce the course and help you get organised to maximize your learning experience.

Going through the asynchronous materials should take around 25-30 hours of study, and the live online sessions will take around 15-18 hours. 

Key dates

  • 19 December 2022: Launch webinar (30 mins) 
  • 11 January 2023: Warm up live online session (2.30 – 4.50pm) 
  • 23 January 2023: Live online teaching (12.40 – 5.00pm) 
  • 24 January 2023: Live online teaching (2.00 – 5.30pm) 
  • 26  January 2023: On-campus teaching (9.00am – 6.00pm)*

*The on-campus teaching on 26 January 2023 will be held at our St Mary’s Campus – where possible, live streaming of the sessions will be made available for those that are not able or do not wish to attend the face-to-face teaching sessions.

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