Transforming organisations, transforming markets: Online talks

Taking place at the same time as the World Economic Forum, Imperial’s Centre for Digital Transformation will be holding two unique, interactive discussions for business leaders in Davos. 

Linked by the overarching theme Transforming Organisations, Transforming Markets, these unique salon-style discussions will be engaging, interactive sessions where you will be an active participant, sharing information and collaborating to create solutions. Each salon will produce a flash report from the discussion with tangible actions that business leaders can take. 

11.00 (CEST) – Delivering AI ethics
How can artificial intelligence be adopted in a manner that incorporates ethical and trusted principles?

20.00 (CEST) – Decoding digital assets
What considerations and risks emerge from the widespread financial speculation on cryptocurrencies and how should these new assets be valued?

23.00 – After party – Chivas with Peter Prentice
Join legendary whisky master Peter Prentice as he shares special treats from the Chivas Brothers cellar in this informal gathering.

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