The Centre for Digital Transformation helps businesses understand the far-reaching organisational implications of the digital revolution. From artificial intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things to blockchain, the Centre’s work focuses on new and emerging digital technologies, and how they can be leveraged to meet both business and social objectives.

Collaborating with leading academics across Imperial College Business School and the wider institution, the Centre engages in cross-disciplinary research on the impact that digitalisation will have on the future of work to help businesses understand how to innovate to address the challenges digital transformation presents.

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"With more than US$13 trillion of GDP enhancement from digital technologies expected by 2030, business leaders acutely need new tools and insights to navigate disruption from artificial intelligence, cloud and other transformational technologies. New capabilities are needed to address a pace of change that is so rapid, we are calling it 'flash growth'. The CDT provides a laboratory and a training ground to equip leaders for success in the new era."
Director, Centre for Digital Transformation
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"Digital technologies are opening up many challenges for business and society, but at the same time they are creating enormous opportunities for organisations across all sectors of our economy. This new Centre will help partner organisations understand and implement digital transformation, connecting them with world-class thinkers and leading research in business and technology across Imperial College London."
Centre for Digital Transformation
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