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On Wednesday 9 March, the Department of Materials will host award-winning science journalist Angela Saini to celebrate Women at Imperial Week and International Women’s Day.

During the event, we will explore breaking gender and racial bias in STEM, reflecting on scientists’ historical role in establishing racist theories and discussing gender and racism in science today.

Please note Angela Saini will be attending the event virtually. 

The event will be chaired in person by our undergraduate students, Jaharana Siddika and Anjali Devadasan. 

For COVID reasons, the in-person event is limited to 70 people maximum. You will be sent an email with links to the online event, and to confirm if you have a place for the in-person event.

 There will be an in-person networking event held after the talk.


Angela Saini is an award-winning science journalist who holds Masters degrees in Engineering from The University of Oxford, and in Science and Security from King’s College London. Her latest book, Superior: The Return of Race Science, was one of Nature’s top ten books of 2019 and won the Transmission Prize. It was also named a book of the year by the Financial Times, Guardian, The Telegraph and Sunday Times. Angela also wrote Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong, which explores the effect of sexism on scientific research. Angela presents radio and television programmes on the BBC, and her writing has appeared across the world, including in Nature, New Scientist, The Sunday Times, and National Geographic.

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