Architecture at Imperial's White City campus

For The Good Science Project’s third Friday Forum we’ll delve into the ways in which architecture and lab design impact the practice of science.


12.30-13.00 – panellists and attendees arrive for an informal lunch (sandwiches and refreshments provided)

13.00-14.00 – brief introduction by MSc Science Communication student Lucy Wall. Followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Lucy Wall and Stephen Webster, and an open, discursive conversation with attendees

Discussion points

  • Can architecture make a difference to science?
  • Is the difference simply in spatial efficiency and safety, or does it concern communicativeness and creativity too?
  • What are examples of good practice?
  • To what extent should science be planned, and how do we make the lab a place where new ideas, serendipity, and human well-being are encouraged?
  • Moreover, where does science take place these days? In the lab? Online? Or at home?
  • With so much emphasis on interdisciplinarity, and the erosion of disciplinary boundaries, are scientists becoming nomads, with no place they can call their own? Are our interdisciplinary spaces as ‘real’ as any discipline?


  • Oscar Ces (Head of the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London)
  • Andrea Tse (Associate Director, Allies and Morrison)
  • Richard Wingate (Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, King’s College London)


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