Tadashi Tokieda (Stanford University)

1st June 2023

Location and Registration

  • Date/Time: The lecture takes place 12:30pm-1:30pm 1st June 2023, followed by a drinks reception.
  • Location:
    • University College London, further details to be announced.
  • Registration is required for attendence. Registration is free and open to all via this link. Registration closes on 23rd May.
  • For enquiries relating to this event, please email i.petridis@ucl.ac.uk.

A world from a sheet of paper

Starting from just a sheet of paper, by folding, stacking, crumpling, sometimes tearing, we shall explore a diversity of phenomena, from magic tricks and geometry through elasticity and the traditional Japanese art of origami to medical devices and an ‘h-principle’.  Much of the show consists of table-top demonstrations, which you can try later with friends and family.

So, take a sheet of paper. . .

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