Picture a scientist

The Academic Women Association (AWA) would like to invite you to our next event on the 13th July on the Hammersmith Hospital Campus, in the new LMS building.

We are delighted to host a screening of the Documentary ‘Picture a Scientist’, a panel discussion on improving gender equality, as well as networking with drinks and snacks.


– 2pm – Screening of ‘Picture a Scientist’

Picture a Scientist is a documentary from 2020 about gender inequality in research. The movie reports dramatic stories of women scientists that had to face obstacles due to their gender. The difficulties experienced by women in stem career are reported on the screen through stories of real-life ranging from silent, systemic, and invisible gender discrimination to harassment.

This documentary will be the starting point of a discussion about how we can all together build a better future for women working in scientific research.

– 4pm – Panel Discussion – What can we really do to avoid stories like the ones pictured in the movie?

  • Prof Wiebke Arlt, Director of MRC-LMS
  • Dr Tanweer Beleil, ISSF Daphne Jackson Fellow
  • Dr Helena Cochemé, Group Head

– 5pm – Networking and Drinks (on the terrace weather permitting)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event. It is open to all students and staff in the College. Access will be provided to the building by registration only. Spaces are limited. The event will not be screened or recorded to achieve an atmosphere of safety and trust.

If you have any questions, please contact the event organisers.


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