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The ICB CDT is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a panel discussion focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated discovery. The event will be in person on the 2nd August from 2-5pm in lecture theatre B10. Coffee and cakes will be provided at 4pm after the panel discussion to foster networking further discussions. 

Free to attend, please register your attendance and inform us of any food allergies or dietary requirements:  

The event will be of interest to anybody wishing to gain a better understanding of artificial intelligence and other industry 4.0 platforms in industry and research. The panel will draw on the expertise of Ian Gardner, IBM Senior Account Technology Leader; Dr Laura Gardiner, IBM Research Europe; Dr Darren Green, GSK global head of cheminformatics; data science and Exscientia Research scientist Dr Francesca Vianello, an alumna from the Institute of Chemical Biology CDT.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to this exciting opportunity to network with industry representatives and gain a better insight into career opportunities.

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