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VPM serves as a think-tank, and includes a world-leading faculty of scientists, clinical opinion leaders, industry experts and decision-makers. It is a unique opportunity for networking and exchanging knowledge, skills and experiences in the field of ischaemic heart disease.

A multitude of technical advances and clinical trials in the field were conceived at this meeting. The programme addresses the state-of-the-art developments in the fundamental mechanisms of atherosclerosis, technical advances in the diagnosis and risk stratification of the disease, as well as the most recent developments in clinical trials. There are always extensive discussions on future research directions.

The meeting faculty consists of nearly 80 internationally renowned researchers, as well as key industry partners that were invited to participate in discussions and contribute to advancing the field.

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Programme overview

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DAY 1 – Monday 18 September

  • Genetic Cardiovascular Risk and Treatments
  • Vascular Biology & Pathology
  • Dissecting the risk. Biomarkers, plaque characteristics and beyond
  • Biological mechanisms and potential targets in atherosclerosis
  • Translational Imaging

DAY 2 – Tuesday 19 September

  • CT Plaque Characterisation and Risk Prediction
  • Intravascular imaging for vulnerable plaque detection
  • Recent OCT Trials
  • Current concepts in vulnerable plaque
  • Shear Stress

DAY 3 – Wednesday 20 September

  • Local approaches to the treatment of vulnerable plaque – uncaged to caged approaches
  • Coronary physiology
  • Coronary Sinus Reducer & CMD therapies
  • Telemedicine, environment & lifestyle
  • Advances in lipid lowering therapy
  • Risk prediction and recurrent events
  • Drug-coated balloons

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