Juproop Lalli

At Imperial, we value and celebrate the diversity of our staff and students who come from all backgrounds and all over the world. We are defined by our community and are committed to creating an environment that respects, supports and celebrates everyone within it. Shifting the Lens is a campaign celebrating staff and students from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Staff and students from across Imperial have opened up about their culture and heritage, sharing their views on the different ways Imperial can create a more inclusive environment.

Visit the Shifting the Lens exhibition in the Main Entrance of South Kensington Campus from Wednesday 1 November until Wednesday 8 November and discover the stories of staff and students who have taken part in Shifting the Lens over the last few years.

Open to all, visitors will be able to share their own story by sending in photos and comments as part of the exhibition.

Find out more about our Shifting the Lens series.

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