Working with your hands, in particular techniques like stitching and knitting have proven to be a very good alternative form of Mindfulness practice improving our wellbeing.

In addition, when we mend our cloths we contribute to the wellbeing of the environment as well, by giving a second life to our cloths and consuming less.

Everyone, students and staff of Imperial, RCA, RCM and LSE are most welcome to join.

We are going to do a bit of mindfulness meditation some mindfulness stretches or eye yoga.

Each week we will explore a different darning and mending technique.

We will be doing mindfulness stitching and mending using embroidery frames, Japanese Sashiko technique and speed weave mini looms and more.

No previous experience in stitching or weaving or Mindfulness required.

Please bring some textile pieces or cloths you would like to mend.

However, if you have not got anything, still join us to learn the different techniques to use in future when you need to mend something.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes.

Led by Hogetsu Baerndal