Session Chair: Dr Soranyel Gonzalez Carrero

1400 Prof James Durrant Welcome
1405 Dr Flurin Eisner
Imperial College Research Fellow, Department of Materials
Modelling, measuring and fabricating better photoelectrochemical devices

Dr Daniele Benetti
UKRI Fellow Department of Chemistry
Exploring the impact of interfaces and environmental factors on water oxidation kinetics in metal oxides

Dr Alice Meng
Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering
Operando IR Optical Control of Charge Carrier Dynamics in BiVO 4 Photoanodes

Yasmine Baghdadi
PhD Candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering
Enhanced Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 using Cs3Bi2Br9/g-C3N4 Z Scheme Heterojunctions

1515 Coffee break

Session Chair: Dr Matyas Daboczi

1545 Invited: Dr Salvador Eslava
Reader in Applied Energy Materials, Department of Chemical Engineering

Engineering photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic materials for solar fuels and chemicals

1615 Dr Filip Podjaski
UKRI Fellow, Department of Chemistry
Direct photocatalytic hydrogen production with organic based microstructures

1635 Dr Lucas Garcia Verga, Research Associate Department of Materials
PyTASER: a Python library for simulating transient (TAS) and differential (DAS) absorption spectroscopies using quantum chemical calculations

1655 Dr Jesús Barrio Hermida
Imperial College Research Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering
Single atom electrocatalysts with high electrochemical active site utilisation

1715 Guangmeimei Yang
PhD Candidate, Department of Chemistry
Benchmarking the conductivity of the supports for iridium oxide water oxidation catalyst: in plane and through plane

1730 Pizza and drinks

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