picture of choir singing and candle

The service starts with the events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem captured in Thomas Weelkes anthem ‘Hosannah to the son of David’

During the service the music will include ‘Ubi Caritas – Where love is found’ by Maurice Durufle.

Prayers for around the Cross will be introduced by Bob Chilcott’s setting of the well know spiritual song ‘Where you there?’

There will also be a rare moment when the side panels of the great carved screen above the altar are closed revealing a red cross over twenty feet high. Then as the choir sing a song of lament called ‘The Reproaches’ (an ancient set of prayers for Good Friday set to music by John Sanders) those who wish can walk up to the altar for a time of personal reflection or prayer at the foot of the Cross. 
The service ends with the intimate and delicate music of ‘Crux Fidelis’ by contemporary composer Sarah MacDonald. This is a setting of prayers from the 5th century with texts by two women, Emelia Lanier who lived in the 1500’s and Emily Dickinson, the American poet from the 19th century.

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