SumS 24

Sargent Centre Summer School, 2-6 September 2024


The Sargent Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial college London is hosting its third edition summer school, on the topic of Data-driven optimisation: Bayesian optimisation. The school will consist of preliminary tutorials on Gaussian processes and Bayesian optimisation, attendees will gain a foundation in the underlying principles, and learn probabilistic modelling and sequential decision-making. With hands-on exercises, students will develop their understanding of how Gaussian processes serve as powerful tools for modelling uncertainty and guiding decision-making processes.

As the program develops, participants will explore Bayesian optimisation from different experts, going into diverse applications across high-dimensional spaces, molecular discovery, real-time optimisation, and safety-critical systems in science and engineering. From navigating the complexities of multi-fidelity Bayesian optimisation to harnessing the potential of batch Bayesian optimisation for high-throughput experimentation, students will discover how Bayesian techniques can be used both in industry and academia.


  • Early bird Industrial :                                          £490      (until 30 June 2024, from 1 July 24 – £550)
  • Early bird Academic :                                          £350      (until 30 June 2024, from 1 July 24 – £400)
  • PSE Research Day only (6 September 2024):       £75 

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