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Ultrafast ultrasound in cardiovascular imaging and therapy

Recent progress in ultrasound systems has dramatically increased the frame rate of ultrasound imaging to up to 20,000 images/s, while conventional ultrasound imaging is limited to 100 images/s. Such a high frame rate has offered tremendous new possibilities for imaging quantitatively the human body. It has become possible, for instance, to track transient vibrations – known as shear waves – propagating through organs in real-time. Such “human body seismology” provides quantitative maps of local tissue stiffness whose diagnosis value has been recently demonstrated in several fields of medicine, including radiology and cardiology.

More recently, ultrafast imaging was found to provide high-precision characterization of complex vascular blood flows. It also gives ultrasound the ability to detect very subtle blood flow in very small vessels. In the brain, ultrasensitive Doppler paved the way for functional ultrasound imaging of brain activity with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. In cardiology, ultrafast ultrasound imaging enables the quantitative imaging of the coronary function of small intramyocardial arteries. Finally, the application of ultrafast ultrasound to the guidance and monitoring of focused ultrasound therapy will be discussed.

Mathieu PERNOT (PhD) graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Physique Chimie Industrielles de Paris (ESPCI). He is currently the Director of Research at INSERM and deputy director of the Institute of Physics for Medicine Paris (INSERM, CNRS, ESPCI, PSL University). His research focuses on innovative ultrasound imaging and therapy technologies applied to medicine, particularly ultrafast ultrasound imaging, elastography, ultrasound localization microscopy and non-invasive focused ultrasound therapy. Pernot is co-author of more than 200 publications and co-inventor of more than 30 patent families in the field of ultrasound imaging and therapy. He co-founded Cardiawave to develop the first non-invasive therapy for calcified heart valves, Iconeus, which commercializes a revolutionary cerebral vascular ultrasound microscopy system, and eMyosound, a startup developing the first clinical ultrasound-based heart palpation tool for the diagnosis of heart failure. He has received several awards, including the Rotblat Prize, the Roberts Prize, the Ile de France Innovator Award, and prestigious funding from the European Research Council (ERC) for his cardiovascular imaging and therapy work.


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