Dr. Souradeep Gupta
Assistant Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore


Utilizing excavated soil from construction and demolition activities as partial substitute of natural sand can lead to low embodied constructions. The talk attempts to give an insight into the development of 3D printable stabilized earth-based materials using excavated soil, and highlight the engineering performances of the developed materials. In this research, the effectiveness of two binder systems – ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and combination of OPC and blast furnace slag (GGBS), in stabilizing excavated soil for 3D-printable formulations was investigated. The talk will elucidate on the role of clay (in soil) in modifying the rheological parameters, flowability and “green” strength that are critical for high-quality extrusion and buildability during 3D printing. Finally, influence of the binder systems on clay stabilization and hardened performances including strength, permeability and moisture sensitivity of the materials will be discussed.


Brief CV:

Dr. Souradeep GuptaDr. Souradeep Gupta is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. His research group focusses on development of low-carbon materials for conventional and digital constructions. Dr. Gupta is the recipient of several prestigious awards including Discovery Early Career Award by the Australian Research Council, Infosys Young Investigator award from Infosys Foundation and Ssangyong Cement Gold medal from National University of Singapore. Dr. Gupta is leading several industry and government-funded R&D projects including Trans-National project on carbon capture utilization and storage under Horizon 2020 program. His publications in high-impact journals have received extensive visibility earning him a spot within the top 2% of the most cited researchers as per the ranking by Scopus and Stanford University.




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