Title: Holography at finite N for N=4 SYM and S-folds

Abstract: Recent progress has provided methods to compute and match finite N (supersymmetric) partition functions on both sides of the holographic duality within string and M-theory. An advent that allows for interesting opportunities in the study of quantized strings and branes in curved backgrounds. I will discuss \mathcal{N}=4 SYM, its S-fold cousins, and how localization allows to compute their supersymmetric partition functions analytically as a function of N. We will subsequently discuss some peculiar features of these S-folds; such as their seemingly non-compact conformal manifold, and the fact that their partition functions can be expanded in fluctuating gravitons and D3-branes, very much a-like the giant graviton expansion in \mathcal{N}=4 SYM, even though a clear index interpretation is absent on the QFT side.

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