This one-day workshop is an opportunity for modellers across a wide-range of disciplines to come together with policy makers to discuss the latest advances and trends in modelling, how different disciplines approach common problems, and to learn from each other on how to successfully influence policy decisions using models.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Quantitative Sciences Research Institute (QSRI) and hosted by Prof. Franco Sassi, the Director of the Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation (CHEPI) at the Business School and Prof. Mauricio Barahona, the Director of the Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare (CMPH) within the Maths department at Imperial College London.


09:00 – Registration and coffee

09:15 – Welcome and introductions 

09:30 – Session one: Reflections on trends in model types by discipline. Speakers to present different model types in various use cases spanning different scales, dimensions and applications. 

11:00 – Coffee

11:15 – Session two: Modelling drivers of disease risk. Speakers to present examples of models capturing dimensions such as molecular biomarkers, geography, communication and networks that influence behaviour and drive disease risk. 

12:45 – Lunch

13:30 – Session three: How do different disciplines approach handling uncertainty? Speakers from different disciplines (e.g. Mathematics, Economics, Public Health) to present examples of how models handle uncertainty around data and outputs.

15:00 – Coffee

15:15 – Session four: What are the contextual barriers preventing models from influencing policy decisions? Policy makers and modellers to discuss ways in which models can be improved to aid policy making.

17:15 – Wrap up and final thoughts

17:30 – Close of workshop

Please note, this event is invitation only. Find out more on the Assessing the Impacts of Public Health Policies using Computer Simulation Models website.

Getting here