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Education Day is Imperial College’s annual conference for everyone involved in learning and teaching. This year, we are focussing on how we might go about implementing authentic and innovative pedagogies following the recently concluded curriculum review and redesign phase of the Learning and Teaching Strategy – ushering us into the pedagogic transformation stage. At this year’s event we are aiming to critically examine possible risks associated with transforming curricula in promoting active learning and authentic assessment. We will have a showcase of case studies and workshops from across the College illustrating examples of implementation of innovative and potentially risky teaching methods, projects, redesigns of programmes and modules and innovative approaches to assessment followed up with critical discussions of how risk was managed in such situations.
Our keynote speaker is Professor Colin Bryson. Colin is Director of the Combined Studies Centre at Newcastle University, and a National Teaching Fellow. Colin has been instrumental in initiating and developing research on student engagement, by placing the student at the centre of learning and teaching. His seminal work in this field has provided an evidence base for student engagement and partnership. More recently, he has been researching staff-student partnerships in relation to curriculum design, and will be co-presenting with a student on implementation challenges and how to overcome them.
To read more about last year’s Education Day visit our website. Stay tuned for further details and registration for this year’s conference.