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Month end timetable 2022-23 [XLSX, 48kB]


Finance Systems are owners of the month-end and year-end financial close process, ensuring issues are resolved and deadlines and data integrity standards are met.

The team are experts in:

  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Imperial College Analytics (ICA)
  • Hyperion Essbase

They use these skills to generate valuable business insight and identify opportunities to amend working methods, practices and processes to ensure continuous improvement.

The team provide senior oversight of the Finance’s overall Internal Controls Framework and in accordance with approved business instruction, control user access to the General Ledger.

The team provide specialist advice and guidance to the rest of Finance on the performance of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for significant system changes. They manage cross-Finance UAT activity and perform selected functional testing.

Finance Systems are the business systems owners for a number of cross-Finance tools and technologies, including ICA, ICIS Online Journals, ICIS Web-ADI, ICIS Encumbrance Accounting, Hyperion Essbase, TERMINAL4, Confluence and T-Plan.

Frequently asked questions

System access

How do I get access to addtional ICIS responsiblities or additional account codes?

Please see ICT's guidance on requesting additional access.

Which account codes or projects do I need to have access to?

Please speak to your local finance team who will help you determine the codes you need.

How do I get access to Reports2Web?

Purchase orders

Why do I get an exception message when I try to close/cancel a PO?


Why is my Web-ADI template is not working correctly?

Various issues could be causing this.

Please see this link where the likely issues and resolutions are laid out.

Should this not be the reason for the issue please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Online journals

Why can I not use a certain analysis code in online journals?

You are likely using a payroll code which cannot be used in online journals.

Please speak to your Finance team to determine the correct course of action.

Grants Management System (GMS)

How do I find a transaction within a project in grants?

Hyperion Essbase/Smart View

XML Load Error:Invalid xml declaration

This occurs when the connection to Essbase server has timed out.

To resolve this, please follow the steps below to disconnect the spreadsheet from Essbase in the first instance and then reconnect using your normal college login.

    Disconnect from Essbase:

  1. 1 Click Smart View -> Panel.

  2. Click the down arrow on the Smart View Home button

  3. Select Disconnect all from the drop down list

    To reconnect worksheet to the database:

    4. Click Smart View -> Panel

    5. Click Private Connections.

    6. Enter/select  the URL

    7. Expand EssbaseCluster-1, then ICRpt, right click on Budget and click Connect. Enter your normal username and password when prompted.

    8. Right click on Budget again, and click Ad hoc analysis.

    9. Click the third option, Reuse sheet contents and POV.

FMR Error- Too many different formats

 a) Put cursor/focus on a cell that has a value and a format applied
b) I
n the menu dropdown list, choose "format/cells"
c) At the bottom of the number format list, find "custom", click on it
d) Scroll down to the bottom of the list - upper items are default formats, bottom of list will be custom formats you've created over time, perhaps from every workbook you've ever created
e) Starting at the bottom, highlight a custom format you know you don't need, put a checkmark in the "Delete" box, then click ok.
 Repeat for all unused custom formats .

The worksheet contains data from a prior operation error

Cause:  Logged into SmartView, using a sheet that had previously been connected.

Action: Select Reuse sheet contents and POV.

Excel experienced a serious problem with 'oracle hyperion smart view' add-in.

Cause:  Excel has crashed and had to be forced to restart

Action: Select No, do not disable add-in

Essbase Error (1020013). The resultant report cannot be retrieved

Cause:  Analysis code not in text

Action: Convert the analysis code to text, append ‘ to the code

Essbase Error (1020021).Member [0 None-Indicator)] is out of place

Cause:  Member of the hierarchy is duplicated within the report (in this example, the Indicator code)

Action: Check for the identified member and remove from the report, if the member name as description, add a space or to differentiate it from a hierarchy member name.

Essbase Error (1020053). Spreadsheet Extractor internal error

Cause: Missing member name from dimension.

Action: Ensure level 0 members are specified for all dimensions.