How to become a preferred supplier

As a potential supplier, I invite you to learn more about fostering a business relationship with us. Imperial is a large research based institution with a diverse and highly complex supply base. Imperial currently relies on thousands of suppliers to provide the equipment, supplies and services that our laboratories and offices need to support our academic mission.

The Procurement Department is the first point of contact for suppliers and is responsible for identifying and contracting with companies that provide consistently high quality products and services to our faculties and support services. If you wish to become a preferred supplier and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with Imperial you will be required to meet our expectations of suppliers in the following areas:

Quality: Suppliers that are committed to providing quality customer service, support  and responsiveness.

Savings: Suppliers that continually look for ways to lower our costs.

Focus: Suppliers that are focused on “making purchasing easy” whilst meeting or exceeding our requirements.

Innovation: Suppliers that strive for continuous improvement.

Technology: Suppliers that adopt the latest purchasing related technologies in order to maintain a  competitive edge and enhance capabilities and responsiveness.

Health, Safety and Environment: Suppliers that are prepared to work with us to ensure that we continue to comply with all necessary regulatory requirements.

Getting started

If you believe you can meet these requirements and wish to discuss doing business with Imperial, then please click on the next link Getting Started

In the meantime, thank you for your interest in doing business with Imperial and I hope this information is of assistance to you in establishing a business relationship with us.

Andy Hitchman
Head of Procurement