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Executive training

Imperial Business School offer a training course in Fintech for executives to develop a hands-on understanding of fintech, gain insights into technologies that are changing how banking is done, and learn how to prepare themselves and their organisations for the changes that are underway.

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The Network is led by Dr PJ Beaghton, Dr Deeph Chana, Dr Panos Parpas and Dr Nikolas Kantas. In total we have 51 members from across Imperial College London.

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Centre for Financial Technology

Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Financial Technology has been established to act as a hub for the interdisciplinary research that is needed to develop innovations, reveal insights and answer questions; bringing together the activities of academics, startup companies, established industry and governmental organisations.

The Centre benefits from Imperial College London’s leading position in science and technology, and Imperial College Business School’s outstanding finance department while taking full advantage of London’s unique position as a global financial centre.

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