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Comprised of academic staff and postgraduate researchers with expertise across the full range of fluid mechanics disciplines

The Fluid Mechanics section is comprised of 7 full-time academic staff members, with expertise across the full range of fluid mechanics disciplines. Academic staff are active in teaching, research and consultancy. Our student population comprises approximately 15 full-time PhD students who are based in our state-of-the-art Hydrodynamics laboratory. Our students have come from varied backgrounds, some direct from undergraduate studies and others after a period in industry, with first degrees in a range of disciplines including mathematics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, energy, and environmental engineering. 

Members of the Fluid Mechanics Section

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Henry Burridge

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Transport of heat and mass by convection; Convection in the built environment; Effective ventilation of buildings; Modification of natural materials for use in buildings.

Adrian Callaghan

Senior Lecturer, PhD
Director of MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments
Breaking waves; Surface water waves; Two-phase flows; Air-entrainment; Upper ocean turbulence. 

Marios Christou

Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics and Mathematics, PhD, DIC, MEng, ACGI
Metocean, Offshore and coastal engineering; Wave statistics; Freak/rogue waves; Analysis of field measurements; Wave-structure interaction; Wave-vessel interaction; Infragravity waves; Side-by-side and tandem offloading; Boundary Element Modelling.

John Craske

Senior Lecturer, Imperial College Research Fellow, PhD
Undergraduate Examinations Officer
Building physics; Buoyancy-driven turbulence; Jets and plumes; Numerical analysis; Inverse problems; Adjoint methods; Flow optimisation; Data assimilation.

Graham Hughes

Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Head of Fluid Mechanics Section
Buoyancy-driven flows; Stratified turbulence and mixing; Convection; Turbulent plumes and jets; Flow energetics.

Ioannis Karmpadakis

Lecturer in Coastal Engineering, PhD
Coastal engineering, wave heights, crest heights, wave breaking, coastal structures, nonlinear waves, shallow water depths, statistics
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Li Ma

Lecturer in Fluid-Structure Interaction, PhD, DIC, MEng, ACGI
Fluid-structure interaction; Renewable energy systems; Extreme waves; Load statistics; Reliability; Hydrodynamic impacts; Wave-in-deck; Convective flows
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Costanza Rodda

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Geophysical fluid mechanics, wave-vortex interactions, turbulence, buoyancy-driven flows, building ventilation, laboratory experiments, data-driven modelling

Daniel Valero Huerta

Senior Lecturer, PhD
Hydraulic engineering; Hydraulic infrastructure; River flows; Multiphase flows; Plastic in rivers; Air-water flows; Sediment-laden flows

Maarten van Reeuwijk 

Professor of Urban Fluid Mechanics, BSc MSc PhD
Buoyancy driven flows; Atmospheric and oceanic turbulence; Sustainable cities; Flow and dispersion in urban canopies; Heat and mass transfer; Direct Numerical Simulation; Large-eddy simulation.
Fluid Mechanics Academics A-Z
Fluid Mechanics

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Barnaby Dobson

Imperial College Research Fellow, PhD
Keywords: Water resources modelling; Optimization; Uncertainty and systems analysis; 
Project: Integrated urban water cycle modelling for London (as part of the Camellia project)
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Alice Handy

Research Associate, PhD
Keywords: Urban fluid mechanics, building ventilation and pollutant dispersion
Project: SAMHE investigating indoor air quality in schools
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Jingzi Huang

Research Assistant
Keywords: large eddy simulations, urban fluid mechanics, transport.
Effect of urban heterogeneity on atmospheric flow. 
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Dipanjan Majumdar

Research Associate
Turbulence at the Exascale: Application to Wind Energy, Green Aviation, Air Quality and Net-zero Combustion
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Paul Mannix

Research Associate
Project: Prediction and control of stratifications using probabilistic methods (as part of [D*]stratify)
Keywords: Probabilistic methods, Adjoint optimisation, Hydrodynamic stability, Optimisation
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Kat Roberts

Research Associate, PhD
Schools' air quality monitoring for health and education
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Samuel Wood

Research Associate, PhD
Developing models to better understand the role that building ventilation plays in the spread of Covid-19
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Fluid Mechanics Research Staff A-Z
Fluid Mechanics

Umniya Al Khalili

Started Oct 2022
Numerical simulation of waves over coastal bathymetries
Supervised by: Christou, M.Karmpadakis, I.
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Yusuf Almalki

Yusuf Almalki

Started Jan 2020
Coastal waves / Floating bodies
Supervised by: Swan, C.; Karmpadakis, I.
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Nada Alsulaiman

Started Feb 2021
Numerical modelling of the thermal effluent of power plants in a shallow, semi-enclosed bay
Supervised by: Piggot, M; van Reeuwijk, M.
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Vasilis Bellos

Vasilis Bellos

Started Jan 2020
Wave propagation over complex coastal bathymetry
Supervised by: Karmpadakis, I.; Swan, C.
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Rui Cao

Rui Cao

Started Nov 2018
Breaking wave energy dissipation, air entrainment and bubble statistics in the absence & presence of wind forcing
Supervised by: Callaghan, A; Swan, C.
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Lianzheng Cui

Started Oct 2022
Turbulent entrainment in stratified oceanic multiphase flows
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M.Hughes, G.
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 Lei Dai

Lei Dai

Started Oct 2020
The effective modelling of hydrodynamic impacts
Supervised by: Ma, L.; Swan, C.
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Lizzie Ellison

Started Oct 2018 
Carbon dioxide sequestration through ocean fertilization and potential for harvest of calcium carbonate from marine organisms
As part of the CDT in Sustainable Civil Engineering
Supervised by: Mashayek, ACheeseman, C.R.
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Pu Gong

Pu Gong

Started May 2018
Numerical study of the natural ventilation driven by an occupant’s heat output considering the effect of radiation
Supervised by: Hughes, G.Burridge, H.C
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Steven Huo

Steven (Cheong) Huo

Started Oct 2019
Development of a probabilistic wave loading model for offshore structural designs
Supervised by: Swan, C.; Ma, L.Karmpadakis, I.
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Canwei Jin

Canwei Jin

Started Jan 2022
Peering inside breaking waves
Supervised by: Callaghan, ACraske, J
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 Cleo Jongedijk

Cleo Jongedijk

Started Dec 2017
Lagrangian tracking of plastic particles in coastal areas and evaluation of beaching
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M., Alsina, J.
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Younmo Lee

Started Apr 2017
Wave-structure and wave vessel interactions
Supervised by: Swan, C.; Ma, L.
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Lucy Xinlu Mao

Started Oct 2021
The reliability of offshore floating wind farms
Supervised by: Swan, C.; Ma, L.Karmpadakis, I.
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Sam Owens

Started Oct 2019
Towards real-time simulation of urban air quality and microclimate
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M.
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 Xiwu Pang

Xiwu Pang

Started Nov 2021
Simulating fluid load on offshore wind turbines
Supervised by: Christou, M.
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Joe Peach

Started Oct 2019
Measuring the space and time evolution of the geometric, kinematic and dynamic properties of oceanic breaking waves
Supervised by: Callaghan, A; Benetazzo, A; Bidlot, J.
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Nick Reynard

Nick Reynard

Started Oct 2018

As part of the CDT in Sustainable Civil Engineering
Supervised by: Mashayek, ACheeseman, C.R.
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Rodrigo Ribeiro

Started Sep 2020
Uncovering the criteria for ship-contrail formation using high fidelity simulations
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M.
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Chenduo Wang

Started Oct 2022
Understanding stochastic behavior of passive tracers transport and thermal effects in built environment
Supervised by: Craske, JHughes, G.
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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Started Oct 2021
Quantifying variability of the surface energy balance in heterogeneous vegetated urban areas
Supervised by: van Reeuwijk, M.
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William Wright

Started Oct 2023
Addressing coastal erosion: Stochastic modelling of shoreline evolution under a changing climate
Supervised by: Craske, JKarmpadakis, I.
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Fluid Mechanics Research Students A-Z
Fluid Mechanics
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Chris Swan

Chris Swan

Emeritus Professor of Hydrodynamics, PhD, CEng, MIMarEST
Surface water waves; Extreme ocean waves; Wave kinematics; Wave statistics; Wave-structure and wave-vessel interactions; Wave loading; Impact loading; Experimental and numerical modeling. 
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

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Ben Devenish
Honorary Visiting Professor
Met Office.
Turbulence and dispersion (particularly in the atmospheric boundary layer), buoyant plumes, and the dispersion of volcanic ash and cloud formation.
Shaui Huang
Visiting Academic
National Institute of Natural Hazards, China. 
Fluid-structure interaction of floating objects, with applications that include the tracking of sea/river ice, the motion of tsunami debris and their impacts on infrastructure and built environments. 
Visiting and Honorary staff
 Dave de Ruyter  

Dave de Ruyter 

Laboratory Technician, Fluid Mechanics
Room 101b, +44 (0)207 594 5925, Email Dave

Andy Wilson

Laboratory Technician, Fluid Mechanics
Room 010a, +44 (0)207 594 5938, Email Andy
Darren Jupp

Darren Jupp 

Laboratory Technician, Fluid Mechanics
Room 010a, +44 (0)207 594 5957, Email Darren
 Rebecca Naessens

Rebecca Naessens

Research Group Administrator, Fluid Mechanics
Room 328, +44 ( 0)207 594 5990, Email Rebecca
Professional Services Staff
Finance, HR and Research Admin