Opening hours

The Pantry is open Monday to Friday, from 11.00 to 14.00.

Now open on the Sherfield Walkway and at Wolfson Restaurant in Hammersmith, The Pantry is a new pop-up concept that offers everyday essentials at low, wholesale prices.

We know that everyone is having to look after their finances a little more tightly at the moment so, utilising the College’s bulk-buying power, we offer foods such as rice, pasta, cereals and vegetables at significantly discounted rates. 

You're able to pick up a pre-packed (no plastic) grab bag or weigh out your own produce.

It’s a new system, so we welcome your suggestions and ideas on what you’d like to see in stock! And like all Taste Imperial outlets, The Pantry is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

What do we offer?

In order to keep prices very low, we focus on food staples that we can purchase wholesale and then pass on to our community at significantly reduced prices. Below is a selection of what we offer, although there are additional products in-store not listed here. 

As we're buying products in bulk and then absorbing the costs of staffing and space, we have to focus on goods that have a low price point, store well and don't require vacuum packing - this is why you likely won't see things like coffee beans, avocados, or chocolate.

ProductPre-packed priceSelf-weighed price (per 100g)
Easy cook rice  £1.25 (1kg) 13p
Penne pasta £1.80 (1kg) 18p
Fusili tricolour pasta £1.85 (1kg) 19p
Cous cous £2.25 (1kg) 23p
Oatflakes 80p (1kg) 8p
Corn flakes £1.25 (450g) 25p
Muesli £2.05 (1kg) 21p
Noodles £2.90 (1kg) 29p
Granulated sugar 80p (1kg) 8p
Eggs x6 90p-£1  
Various vegetables (onions,
potatoes etc.)
31-45p (1kg)  
Bread rolls and baguettes 10-80p  

Tinned foods (baked beans,
tuna, chick peas etc.)