yoyo logo Yoyo Wallet is working in partnership with Imperial to make payments on campus easier, faster and more rewarding. Yoyo is an app available to download on iOS & Android that allows you to both pay for your goods across campus - and get rewarded at the same time.

Here’s why you’ll love Yoyo Wallet:

Easy pay, Easy go.

When you use Yoyo, payments are simple and fast. Hold the QR code up to the cashier and beep - you’re done. Just like that.

Get to the points!

Every time you pay with Yoyo, you earn points on every penny you spend. Use these points to redeem rewards within the app!

We only use the finest digital trees for our receipts.

When you use Yoyo Wallet, you’ll receive digital loyalty cards & receipts straight to your phone. Say goodbye to paper clogging up your wallet!

Any queries, concerns or life updates? Feel free to email us at support@yoyowallet.com - we’re here to help!