Seminars and lecture series

Each year, we organise an open seminar on the afternoon of the BGA* Rankine lecture, details of previous seminars and lectures are listed in the following table. 

Previous events

Year Rankine Seminar BGA* Rankine Lecture

Data in Geotechnical Engineering: beyond conventional methods and design 2024 Rankine Flyer

Lidija Zdravkovic: Geotechnical Engineering for a Sustainable Society

Recent large-scale field research into offshore foundation behaviour 2023 Rankine Flyer

John Carter: Constitutive Modelling in Computational Geomechanics


Stephan Jefferis: The Unusual and the Unexpected in Geotechnical Engineering: Observation – Analogy – Experiment

COVID-19  (no seminar nor Rankine)

COVID-19  (no seminar nor Rankine)

COVID-19  (no seminar nor Rankine)

COVID-19  (no seminar nor Rankine)

Engineering Resilient Infrastructure

George Gazetas: Benefits of Unconventional Seismic Foundation Design

Linking fabric, structure and soil behaviour: Recent advancements

Nick O'Riordan Dynamic soil-structure interaction
2017 Recent developments in energy geotechnics: Fundamentals to applications 2017 Rankine Flyer Eduardo Alonso: Triggering & motion of landslides
2016  Research on offshore foundations Richard Jardine: Geotechnics & energy
2015  Tunnelling in London: learning lessons from Crossrail Suzanne Lacasse: Hazard, risk and reliability in geotechnical practice
2014 Nicholas Ambraseys Memorial Symposium Guy Houlsby: Interactions in offshore foundation design
2013  Unsaturated soil slopes: From theory to practice. Michele Jamiolkowski: Soil Mechanics and the observational method: Challenges at the Zelazny Most copper tailings disposal facility
2012  Recent research and developments in stiff clays and mudrocks Malcolm Bolton: Performance based design in geotechnical engineering
2011  Modelling ULS in geotechnical finite element analysis Scott Sloan: Geotechnical stability analysis
2010 Understanding the measurement of soil dynamic properties Chris Clayton: Stiffness at small strain: research and practice
2009 1-day Peter Vaughan Memorial symposium Tom O’Rourke: Geohazards and large geographically distributed systems
2008 Embankments and Earthworks Andrew Charles: The engineering behaviour of fill – the use, misuse and disuse of case histories
2007 Beyond a continuum framework for soil mechanics element testing: Some challenges presented by soil’s particulate nature and some new tools to analyse it. Antonio Gens: Soil-environment interactions in geotechnical engineering
2006 Advanced characterisation of London Clay Robert Mair: Tunnelling and geotechnics: new horizons
2005 No seminar took place Kerry Rowe: Long term performance of contaminant barrier systems
2004 3-day Skempton Memorial Conference Nick Ambraseys: Engineering, seismology & soil mechanics

*BGA = British Geotechnical Association