Alumni Network

  • Photos from the May 2019 post-graduate graduation ceremony can be seen here.  These photos are of the 2017-2018 MSc class.
  • Each March, on the day of the Rankine Lecture, we welcome back many alumni who come to re-establish their connection to the Geotechnics Section by attending the pre-Rankine seminars.
  • Our alumni keep in touch via our Imperial College Geotechnics LinkedIn group (email Sue Feller for details).
  • Former members of the section are also invited to join the Imperial College Alumni community.
  • Titles of the PhD theses for recent PhD alumni are given on our research page.
  • All former students of Engineering Geology at Imperial (BSc, MSc, DIC, MPhil or PhD) are automatically members of the Herbert Lapworth Club.

Alumni News

  • Graduation: We were delighted to see the MSc class of 2017-2018 at their graduation on May 8 2019, see pictures of the class including prize winners here.
  • MSc Graduate Wins Ground Engineering Rising Star Award: Aliki Kokkinou, Msc year 2013/14, was  awarded the raising star award at the 2017 ground engineering awards:
  • MSc Graduate Wins the Cooling Prize:  On Feb 28 2018, Joe Newhouse, who completed a MSc in soil mechanics and who now works at Mott MacDonald, was awarded 49th Cooling Prize by the British Geotechnical Association for his paper “Ground movement due to shaft construction” which is based on his MSc dissertation.
  • Unwin Prize Award for Geotechnics PhD Graduate:  Dr. Klementyna Gawecka has been jointly awarded the Unwin Prize for best PhD student by the Department of Civil Engineering.  Dr. Gawecka, who finished her PhD in 2017, is currently working as a teaching fellow in the Geotechnics Section.   
  • Centenary Enterprise Award: We are delighted to hear that two PhD students from the section, Giulia Ghiadistri and  Eli  Sailer were awarded the City and Guilds College Association Centenary Enterprise Award in Feb 2017.  This award recognizes the work Giulia and Eli did to organize the 2017 PhD Alumni reunion for PhD graduates from the section.
  • MSc Graduate Named New Face of Civil Engineering: Neeraj Kumar Sharma who graduaded with a MSc in Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics in 2014 has been named a 2018 ASCE New Face of Civil Engineering.
  • MSc Graduate wins 2016 BGA Dissertation Prize:   Lauren Doughty (MSc 2016) won the BGA MSc/MEng Dissertation Prize in 2016 for her dissertation: Laboratory testing of chalk.

Keep in touch with us and let us know your news by emailing  Ms. Sue Feller.

Profiles of Representative Alumni