Haque Group Staff Members

Saif Haque

Professor Saif Haque
Group Leader and Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Polina Jacoutot

Postdoctoral Research  - Time-resolved spectroscopy of novel photovoltaic systems.

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Dr. Xiaoe L

Research Technician

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Haque Group Staff Members



Postgraduate Students


Thomas Webb
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)
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Amanz Azaden 
Postgraduate Reasearch Student (PhD) (CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials)
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Ang Li
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)


Meihuizi Jiang
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)


Jiewen Wei
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)


Joe Kaye
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)

Kunrou Fu

Postgraduate Research Student (PhD)


Undergraduate Students


















  • Nurlan Tokmoldin - Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Metal-Oxide/Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Simon King - Transient Optical Characterisation of Donor-Acceptor Block Copolymers for Use in Solar Cells
  • Clare Dyer-Smith - Spectroscopic Studies of Excited States in Polyfluorene:Small Molecule Blends Films
  • Luke Reynolds - Transient Optical Studies of Exciton Dynamics in Organic Solar Cells
  • Thitikorn Boonkoom - InP Quantum Dots for Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices
  • Neha Bansal
  • Simon Dowland - Optoelectronic and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Polymer-Cadmium Sulfide Nanocomposite Solar Cells

MRes Students

  • Ben Stafford - Transient Optical Characterisation of Nanocrystal-Sensitised Solar Cells
  • Thitikorn Boonkoom - Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Device Applications
  • Cecile Bouet - Hybrid Inorganic/Polymer Nanocomposite Solar Cells
  • Andrew MacLachlan - In-situ Grown Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Photovoltaics
  • Neha Bansal - Inverted Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Diodes
  • Prashan Karunanantharajah - Transient Optical Studies of ZnO/P3HT Interfaces

MSci Students

  • Luke Reynolds - Organic Solar Cells By Self Assembly of Molecular Electronic Materials
  • Nick Griffiths - Inverted Architecture Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Light-Emitting Devices
  • Lyndsey Garril - Quantum Dot-Sensitised Nanostructured Solar Cells
  • Simon Dowland - Inverted Architecture Hybrid Organic Inorganic Light Emitting Devices
  • Flannan O'Mahony - Transient Spectroscopic Studies of Quantum Dot Based Solar Cells
  • Andrew MacLachlan - Investigation of Xanthates as Quantum Dot Precursors for Use in Quantum Dot Sensitised Cells
  • Alexander Ward - Formation of Nanocrystals In-Situ for Enhanced Electron Transfer in Nanocrystal-Polymer Hybrid Solar Cells
  • Daniel Beatrup - Investigation of Metal Selenides for Use in Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Maddison Coke - The Direct Growth of Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles Through the Annealing of Cadmium Precursor in Solid State Red Absorbing Polymer Films for the Use as Hybrid Solar Cells
  • Nathan Solomon - Bismuth Sulfide as the Light Harvesting Component in Nanostructured Solar Cells
  • Oliver Garnett - Implementing P3HT Nanowires into Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Solar Cells Based on Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles
  • Samuel Trimmer - The Optimisation of Antimony Sulfide Sensitised Solar Cells

Visiting Students

  • Piedrys Gallardo -  Photoluminescent Dyes Using Lanthanide Centres
  • Nestor Guijarro Carratala - Quantum Dot Sensitised Solar Cells